Where are poems in this time now? (Where is everywhere?)

Poems are big, small things. They are the everything and the nothing.

People Read Poems is an always-collaborative project where I invite people to read poems. Each series will have different “guidelines,” and will consist, at a minimum, of a poem and a visual art piece of sorts. There’s a lot of hope in this project, although it’s hard to pinpoint “what” the hope is for. To make poetry more accessible? To help someone discover a new poem? To provide a creative platform for friends and artists? Certainly, yes, yes and yes. But I think I also hope (ha) that this hope isn’t always guided by such clear-headed virtues. That the hope becomes something undeniably tangled like this world is. But I’m getting ahead of myself here!

Thank you for visiting, and if you have any suggestions for a series idea, do let me know and I’d love to collaborate. You can email me at gracemaemail@gmail.com

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